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Production Equipment

Dexin has advanced production equipment. There are six Extruding Machine production lines of 70mm, four Extruding Machine Production lines of 90mm, four Extruding Machine Production lines of 120mm, three Extruding Machine Production lines of 150mm, all extrusion adopt the advanced technology of one-key control, which makes the insulation and sheath thickness more uniform, achieves zero deviation, and fully guarantees the quality of the product.

There are four 500-type 54-discs Bobbins Rigid Stranders, two 630-type 84-discs Bobbins Rigid Stranders, four 500-type 30-discs Bobbins Rigid Stranders, three 630-type Tubular Stranders, three 500-type Tubular Stranders, five Wire Drawing Machines, one 6-35kv Medium Voltage Production line, which fast running speed, stable running and high mechanical automation.



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