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Mineral fireproof cable YTTW

The implementation standard is according to the national standard, the fire resistance characteristic test of the wire and cable burning test method GB/T 19216.21-2003 selects the flame temperature of 950℃~1000℃, the burning time is 180min, and the circuit remains intact. It can also meet the British Standard BS6378 standard, and the flexible fire-resistant cable can meet the following requirements: pure fire-resistant grade C: 950℃ 180min; fire-resistant plus water W grade: 650℃ 15min; fire-resistant plus mechanical vibration Z grade: 950℃ 15min

Product Details

Product electrical characteristics 

① Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV; 

② Rated working voltage: light load 500V, heavy load 750V: 

③ Rated current: single core 25A-1800A, multi-core 16A-500A; 

④ Insulation resistance: insulation resistance>1000MΩ·km . If the cable length is less than 100m, the insulation resistance>10000MΩ; 

⑤ Power frequency withstand voltage: 500V grade cable and 750V grade cable apply 2000V and 2500V voltage respectively between phase and phase, between phase and copper sheath, lasting 15min, no shock should occur wear. Product advantages 

①The conductor of the YTTW cable metal sheathed inorganic mineral insulated power cable adopts multi-stranded copper wire, the insulation adopts high temperature resistant synthetic mica tape mechanically wrapped, the outer insulation layer is densely filled with alkali-free glass fiber, and the sheath adopts copper tape longitudinally wrapped After welding, a copper tube is formed and then continuously rolled and corrugated. Where the metal sheath must not be exposed, a polyolefin (low-smoke and halogen-free) sheath can be added to the outside. 

②Compared with the BTTZ series, it maintains a high degree of fire resistance, and can achieve a continuous large length. It can also be made into a multi-core group cable within 95 mm?, which overcomes the shortcomings of too many joints and excessive construction difficulty. 

③Superior fire performance, the fire resistance level not only meets the national standard GB12666.6A class 950℃, 90min, but also meets the requirements of A class 650℃3h; B class 750℃3h; C class 950℃3h specified in British BS6387-1994; at the same time, It can withstand water spray and mechanical impact during combustion; ④The continuous length is long, whether it is a single-core or multi-core cable, its length can meet the power supply length, and each continuous length can reach more than 1000m; large cross-section, single-core The cross-section of the cable can reach 630mm2, and the multi-core cable can reach 70mm2; 4. It is flexible, the cable can be coiled on a reel, and its bending radius is 6-10D;

⑤ It is smokeless and non-toxic during combustion, and the insulation is made of inorganic materials, which will not produce during combustion Any harmful gas will not cause secondary pollution. It is a truly environmentally friendly green product; it has a large overload capacity, and the cable not only has a large current carrying capacity, but also has a large overload capacity. According to the wiring instructions, usually the surface temperature of the cable is ≤70℃. If the wiring is not touchable or in contact with combustible building materials, the temperature of the cable sheath can be increased to 105℃. The long-term working temperature of the fireproof cable can reach 250 ℃ under overload. 

⑥ Corrosion resistance, good shielding performance, and good corrosion resistance of the copper sheath. In a special or corrosive environment to copper, a low-smoke, halogen-free or plastic outer sheath should be added to the copper sheath. Under the shielding of the copper sheath, there is no electromagnetic interference, and will not interfere with the information transmitted by the signal and control wires and cables; 

⑦YTTW cable has good safety, and the fireproof cable can normally supply power in the flame (950℃ above 3 hours normal power supply), Start the fire extinguishing device to reduce fire losses. Copper sheath is an excellent conductor and the best grounding wire, which greatly improves the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection; 

⑧Long service life, high temperature resistance and not easy to age, under normal working conditions, its service life is more than 100 years; 

⑨Flexible The transportation, installation, and installation accessories of fireproof cables are relatively simple, similar to ordinary cables; 

⑩Good economy, flexible fireproof cables due to advanced production technology and simple installation, under the same conditions, their overall cost is lower than that of mineral insulated cables.

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